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"8 out of 10 millennials promise they’ll water their new plant this time." Guilty.
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brilliant, is there an API so I can pair this off with third party data in a dmp for the launch of my new line of hand crafted toothpicks? they're made by iconoclasts in bushwick from the furniture of the vanderbilts and rockefellers, designed to meet the picking needs of millennials
@passingnotes 54% of millennial toothpicks feel threatened by floss.
@harrybarron nearly as many believe that the band "train" wrote "ramble on"
"67% of millennials have seen a dog they wish belonged to them today." - happened this morning :)
Who did the researches? Should provide some info on that. :D
@marko_is All statistics come from the International Bureau of Millennial Studies; however, it's important to remember nearly 75% of millennials surveyed have yet to get back to us.
Why is this on product hunt?
@efader Surveys indicate 82% of millennial entrepreneurs go to Product Hunt when searching for millennial insights.
@harrybarron @efader HA HA .. you have one of the best comment replies I have seen on PH 👏👏👏. I would have loved a link to the source for each of those Insights.
@saijo_george @efader @harrybarron I can't speak to percentages, but this millennial anecdotally finds less than 2% of millennials source their information. Because what better source for truth than "because I said so"