The app that rewards you for driving ๐Ÿš™๐Ÿ’ธ

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Gamifying everyday activities with points and rewards... It was only a matter of time! Seems like a cool idea. America's truckers and Uber drivers are about to be rich!
@teddyespo Oh man - I didn't even think about the fact that they should market this to Uber drivers.
@teddyespo Great thoughts, Mileup would be fantastic for Uber drivers.
It sounds like the hook is Agero, Inc needs more driving data and it wants to get it directly from consumers, but it doesn't want to just pay people to drive. Releasing the app and offering rewards reduces the overall cost of data acquisition. Brilliant. Love it.
@mikengarrett Yeah I thought it was a cool concept on how to get users to actually use their product. It's also really sleek and user friendly.
Cool concept! I love the fact that you use the driving data for a good cause. As for the app, it's easy and fun to use. Will you be adding other types of rewards?
Another fun implementation of gamification! I was always a fan of the apps that rewarded you for NOT checking your phone while driving i.e. to reduce distracted driving - @rajbehara is that something you guys considered when making this app? Or did you try and steer away from that kind of app? (Get it? 'steer away' badumcha ๐Ÿ˜)
My buddy launched this app. Here is what I've been able to gather that it does from what I've read: MileUp is the easiest, most effortless way to earn gift cards just for driving. Download the app and automatically start getting points for every mile you drive. Then use those points to redeem for gift cards to your favorite retailers. MileUp uses your phoneโ€™s sensors to track your driving activity - like how far you travel, when you are driving, or how many stops you make. By sharing your driving data, youโ€™re helping us improve our accident detection technology โ€“ helping us make driving safer for everyone on the road.