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#5 Product of the DayNovember 08, 2016
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I co-founded this idea when I realized that over the last couple of years, I've amassed a tremendous network of just simply awesome people.  With that in mind, I also experienced the way we currently maintain our network is very out-dated. Basically, 80% of my contacts go to waste in my inbox. If only you could add everyone to your newsletter, right? Or keep a list of all long term prospects you've spoken to? Last few years, I tried to manually keep track of everyone I emailed with in a spreadsheet: sort people into categories, check the phone-info... and than copy-paste them to my newsletter... It made me feel like destroying my laptop. I hope to help freelancers, organizers, initiators, to get organized without the tedious, manual work So they can promote, share and grow their idea's, business, products more easily!
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@colinellis5 Definitely trying this out. I have the exact same problems today. I assume this also scans sent emails (outbounds) direct from my email? Congrats on the launch!
@davidsfeng absolutely! Great to hear - add me to your newsletter :-)
@colinellis5 - you're my hero! I'm all about this. Echoing the gmail question, but it's not a deal breaker. #NiceToHave though. Great Work!
@colinellis5 Great stuff. Just tried it. But it shows only 25 contacts in my network. Not that I have huge network but at least 25+ Am I missing something?
@jitsalunke Just refresh en after that go to New Contacts!
Mila has been in Beta for a while but now finally live! Great tool by @colinellis5 and TNW's @Boris - Save every interesting new contact to your own address book or share them with your team and tools!
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Woop, gogogo, upvote, signup, upgrade! Support my buddy @colinellis5
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@mdekuijper @colinellis5 so much call to actions 😂 but checked them all w000t!
Have been trying out this Beta, and love the swiftness with which I can maintain my network. I'm a huge list-addict, so also a big fan of the feature that allows me to create my own lists to order my contacts. Keep up the good work @raoulwissink, @colinellis5 & @Boris!
@susanneafman @raoulwissink @colinellis5 thanks, that's great to hear!
number one way we grow our @revue list! Excited to see Mila on product hunt!