Infomercials that aren't boring and are on your phone!

@eriktorenberg and I were chatting with @garyvee about this topic on an upcoming episode of Product Hunt Radio (plug!). It's an exciting time for content-creators. People are becoming more accustomed to mictrotransactions and it feels like we're on the cusp of a big shift toward livestreaming/video-driven commerce. Here's Jordan's TC write-up.
@eriktorenberg @garyvee @rrhoover Glad you were all talking about "video-driven commerce" especially because Gary is an investor! Play with MikMak and let me know your feedback. I'm the founder. :)
Mik Mak is a really cool idea and can't think of anyone better than @racheltipograph to knock this out of the park :)
@harisamin thanks for being a believer Haris. And next time you give us love, remember it's "MikMak"! No space. ;)
big fan of this product + team!
@elan_miller I don't know what MikMak or me would do without you.
A few months ago, I posited a “QVC meets Meerkat" on Twitter in the span a few seconds both @ceonyc and @Besvinick highlighted MikMak. They were on to something. :) Exciting times ahead for video + commerce on these small screens in our pockets.
@ceonyc @Besvinick @daveambrose Oh yes, I recall watching that Twitter exchange occurring and grinning. I've been mentally building MikMak since Fall 2013 & physical building it since Fall 2014. So much more to come!
Have often thought about this and how good it could work in a market like Tokyo where so many people commute 20+ minutes p/day by train. I think in those high commuting populations if you offered the people a chance to watch a sponsored ads to earn credit for future purchases it could be really great. Would love to be able to watch a few of the infomercials, or examples of them, on your landing page before downloading the app.
@benwtnb totally! That's all coming for our launch in June.
@racheltipograph Awesome, looking forward to checking it out! (sorry for the slow reply) Will look forward to a possible future international launch too! Home shopping/infomercials are huge in Japan. I know some people directly & indirectly in the industry, feel free to get in touch if you do end up expanding here. Really enjoying the app and how seamlessly the videos start playing. Best of luck!