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Launch an online community you monitor and manage from Slack

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Hello Product Hunters! The Mightybell team is proud to release our new Slack integration to the Product Hunt family. We have seen a growing interest in people using Slack to create communities and networks around a passion or identity. Because of this, we were inspired to build a solution that allows any person with a great idea or passion to create a community using Mightybell, and manage that community in their Slack channel. https://mightybell.com/slack_int... You can scale a community with Mightybell and Slack. The benefits of this include unlimited members and storage, your own landing page and domain, topics, questions, polls, prompts, events, private messaging and more. And of course, it’s all managed from your own Slack channel. Happy to answer any questions!
@steve_rodriguez - I think I've been waiting for something like this. Please tell Gina I said hello and that we're long overdue to reconnect. :)
@chrispirillo Thanks Chris! We saw the hoops that folks were jumping through to create a community and were inspired to create a much easier, and hopefully more powerful, solution. Gina and I will reach out to reconnect.
@steve_rodriguez do you have a community I can join to see what it's like as a member?
@andrewwarner Absolutely. We built a network called OWN IT in partnership with the folks at Intuit. OWN IT is a network of over 100K small business owners and self-employed who connect, share experiences and support each other as they grow their businesses. https://www.ownit.com
@steve_rodriguez I'm a heavy Slack user and manage a student-focused Moderation community on this platform. Some of our limitations are losing history (we'd have to upgrade to a paid account) and the ability to purge independently created private channels (which are in violation of our community guidelines). How does Mightybell fill those gaps, if at all? Thanks in advance!
@steve_rodriguez Is the communication two-way? currently with the Slack integration they are two different communities since we have people who don't use the website and only slack and people who use the website only... makes it more broken. Does this new addition solve that problem and can people post in one and pick up the conversation on the other channel - website or mobile app?
@helloduane Unfortunately, very few integrations between two services designed to solve different use cases could work this way. Taking a step back…. Slack is designed to make small group collaboration on a team as easy as possible, and keep that team in the loop monitoring all the services they need to run their business or project each day. It works extremely well for this purpose. On the other hand, your website is designed for users to consume static information (text, photos, videos), and *maybe* talk to each other via chronologically-ordered comments that don’t build relationships. Neither are designed to introduce people who want to meet around a shared identity or interest. This is a different use case. It’s the one we’re focused on nailing at Mightybell. Our Slack integration is focused on giving the Host of a community everything they need to get 50% or more of members connected to the most relevant people, contributing to conversations, questions and polls – and triggering the notifications to make the network a regular habit – while keeping tabs on the entire community from within a dedicated internal Slack channel. On Slack, your Mightybell Network updates are real-time – so you both see everything happening and expand your community beyond the same five people talking (the limitation of Slack). It’s how we’ve built OWN IT, our network dedicated to small business success, to 100,000 members with over 45% of active members contributing (not just lurking), while we build software in our day job. I appreciate this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but it works exceptionally well. Happy to share more.
This is awesome, just created DevOps team.
Thanks @techaggregator Hit us up if you have questions. We would love to hear your input as well.
@steve_rodriguez this looks awesome. Do you guys have any options for a non-profit? Pleas let me know
@katoree We have options to pretty much suit every type of network and budget imaginable, including non-profits. Go to https://mightybell.com/pricing or feel free to reach out to strategy@mightybell.com and we can discuss options.