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I've been a Mac guy for most of my adult life. Last year, I got a Surface Pro 3 for work and have genuinely loved it, especially with the addition of Windows 10. In addition, the Surface is the best device to run MSFT Office on. I use the stylus often for taking notes and sketching out ideas.
Looks amazing!
Digging my Surface 3 - and now looking forward to the 4.
This looks pretty legit, but I can't really get the whole "call a tablet a computer" trend. I mean, yes, but so is a calculator. They're different pieces of technology. But I can get behind the concept of lower-cost, very functional tech simply because brand new MacBooks are way out of reach for a fair chunk of society. Plus older people LOVE tablets. My favorite thing about Surface Pros is that the NFL and MSFT have an undoubtedly lucrative partnership, but players, coaches, & sports journos CONSTANTLY refer to them as iPads 😄
@stttories Agreed in that Microsoft had/has a confusing story to tell with the hybrid computer concept. One of the more difficult aspects is that the Windows Store ecosystem is seriously lacking in developers relative to other opportunities, which means the utility as a tablet is limited to apps like OneNote and Netflix.