Microsoft Selfie

A selfie and portrait enhancement app



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Krishna DahalHunter@abhkes_krishna · Co-founder @ Algebra, Inc.
This app by Microsoft Corp for iphone users haha :) I need to try it yet :)
Brittany Martin@brittjmartin · Software Engineer, Pgh Cultural Trust
@abhkes_krishna I just tried it and it timed out. Yikes.
Krishna DahalHunter@abhkes_krishna · Co-founder @ Algebra, Inc.
@brittjmartin I still haven't tried it. But you can't complain - it's MSFT app after all - timeout issue is normal in WINDOWS Appstore :P - But loved to get feedback from anyone using it smoothly.
Rajarshi Nigam@rajington
@abhkes_krishna definitely not Microsoft's biggest fan in general, but that comment is getting pretty antiquated. Outlook has rounded out numerous tech blog's lists for best iOS mail client of 2015, Office availability on iOS and Mac has calmed the fears of untold hordes of scared switchers, and the iOS/Mac team's design has even had obvious influences on their PC software and Windows in general. I'm not sure if it's still the case, but before social networks became huge Microsoft was the biggest Apple developer outside of Apple. Sure it could be better, but it could be a hell of a lot worse and they deserve some credit or at least encouragement.
Krishna DahalHunter@abhkes_krishna · Co-founder @ Algebra, Inc.
@rajington no doubt on Office/Outlook - Even I am a fan of Arrow Launcher - that's cool too but this microsoft selfie doesn't make me feel microsoft at all.
Dean Perry@deanperry
Ok I'm confused. What is this app supposed to do? Why is there a website that you can upload photos if you need the iOS app for it to work properly?
Krishna DahalHunter@abhkes_krishna · Co-founder @ Algebra, Inc.
@deanperry just noticed - no idea why that lame website is there.