Hummingbird lets you pick your favorite topics and subtopics from a list, and make a curated feed of news called ‘Your Mix.’ At any point in time, you can mute a news source or dislike a story to tailor your feed to your tastes in coverage. The app is said to get better at finding sources and topics better suited for you the more you use it.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Looks a bit like a Flipboard competitor. 🤔
This is the worst news app I’ve ever seen. Try searching for a topic, it takes you to an external page on Bing search that brings completely nonsense results. Dear god
Don't like news feed apps, but the logo looks super cool 😎
Starting playing with this today. At first blush, it seems like a good companion to Google News.
Seems really similar to the Google News app except Google has a huge advantage of personalization with all that search history data and possibly all its other apps it could possibly integrate with.