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Microsoft's version of IFTTT

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@rrhoover Great service. It's always nice to have another alternative to IFTTT & Zappier. Have you seen any exclusive features?
@yanivgoldenberg @rrhoover Thanks Yaniv! Few of the major differences are: 1. Pull frequency (It's 15sec in MS Flow vs 15mins in IFTTT/Zapier) 2. Free business/dev friendly services - GitHub, SharePoint, SQL, Salesforce etc. More services are coming soon. 3. Deep integration with Microsoft services - PowerApps, SharePoint, Bing, PowerBI (coming soon), Office ('Add in' coming soon) 4. Code view in Azure for advanced users and more... :)
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Hey @rrhoover , Today we launched an iOS version of Flow, check it out:
This is what looks the most promising to me in this: If I get it right, it means it will be easy to build and add new channels. While I'm a big fan of IFTTT, being limited to the channel and ingredients they provide is super frustrating. I use the "maker" channel that allows me to post custom requests, but that's it, it won't be reusable for anybody else, and I can't take advantage of cool triggers other developers may have made. In the mid-2000', there was this developer dream that all websites will soon have APIs and we would build products by clustering APIs. While there are indeed many APIs in the wild, using them is often non trivial. Having a place where we can build API plugs and make them available, like you publish a lib on github, would totally rock it.
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@oelmekki don't mean to be self-promotional, but "Having a place where we can build API plugs and make them available, like you publish a lib on github, would totally rock it" - this is actually exactly what we do. We have an integration platform AND the tools for developers to build custom connectors that talk to APIs. If they want to open-source them after that - it's up to them. Unlike IFTTT, though, our target group are companies, hardly single users. But if you work for a company, you're welcome to get a demo at
@o_annenko It looks great, thanks for letting me know :) Do you have any plan to add an offer targeted at consumers? Your current scope is great and all, and probably safer business wide, but having something that consumers would adopt is mandatory to do the big change I describe, github wouldn't have such an impact if it has just been private git repos for companies :)
@oelmekki sure, we perfectly understand that consumers play an increasingly important role in connecting business software and ensuring automated data exchange. So, yes, we do have such plans, but let's put it this way: they are still quite far away on the road map:) We still have a whole lot of features that need to be implemented first, some of them are customer projects related, some of them are our own initiatives. So, unfortunately, we have to wait with consumer targeting a bit. Though, we do encourage companies to create an internal corporate store (kind of a corporate IFTTT or Zapier) for their employees, that's why we started offering a white-labelled version of the platform in the first place. It's just that it is naturally much more work for companies, that's why there are still no case studies to share in this respect.
@o_annenko I can get that, it suddenly makes things way more difficult :) The white label approach sounds cool, will offer a middle step where you have a chance to observe what people really want / do. Good luck!
What does this do that IFTTT doesn't? πŸ‘€
@yanivgoldenberg @gabriel__lewis the ability to build Flows with multiple steps, branching logic, and advanced parameters is pretty unique. Easy to get started but there's lots of head room to work with.
A peek into the Microsoft Flow design process:
Looks promising, but not open to 'personal' email addresses. :-( Mind you, fun to see the message " isn't in our system" on a Microsoft site. :-)
@frassmith coming later next week! :)
@nitishq Great news, I'll lok out for it.
@nitishq later next week was already a week ago. Still getting the same errors. :(