Micro Animations 2.0

The marketplace for ready-made animated GIFs for your apps

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There are a lot of sites out there where you can get vector art and icons, but very few that focus strictly on animations. And if you're at all involved in prototyping apps, then you know how much of a steep curve there is to building your own animations. @sannedevries is looking to change that. Enter Micro Animations 2.0 - a marketplace for handmade micro-animations that you can easily download and drop into your prototypes. Think of it as the Noun Project for interface animations. I see a lot of potential for this, especially considering that @sannedevries is also making it possible for others to share and sell their own animations as well.
@alirtariq Thanks so much for the hunt & for your kind words! :)
Would love to see these as SVG. GIF loaders that don't take an input aren't of much value in a real app.
Great service, needs more animations.
Loved this when I first saw it. Especially the fact that you get source files to modify. @sannedevries - any plans to make it so that others can contribute to the community/library of micro-animations? Would help create more animations, and would create more of an audience too.
@kunalslab Thank you! Completely agree with your comment and the one of @androidlove, more animations will need to be added for it to really work. So for all enthusiasts / creators reading this - anyone who wants to contribute is more than welcome to drop me a message and let me know!
@sannedevries @androidlove awesome! Where's the best place to contact you?
@kunalslab @androidlove that's a good point ;) send me a message at info@microanimations.com or via www.sanne-devries.com.
Solid unique service, nice and clean looking website. More animations and maybe some free items (like https://www.ui8.net) could speed up the community growth. As others have already mentioned, I see some potential in this service! ;)
@difan_lin @joshuapinter thanks so much for your thoughtful comments - will take them into consideration! Easing the transition to development is indeed something to work on, as well as having multiple creator profiles who can contribute. UI8 is doing a really nice job there!