Track calendar based services and daily expenses

MiBill is a unique tracking app that tracks calender based services (Like Newspaper, Lunch, Dinner, Milk, Car Washing etc) and your daily expenses. You don't have to remember when to open the app and mark on calender, MiBill will remind you automatically on your device lock screen at your given time. Track, Control and Identify in a simplest way.

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Hey @snkr_bhr, How does this app differ from other expense/bill tracking apps?
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@jacqvon in MiBill you don't have to remember when to open the app to add your expenses, it will remind you on the lockscreen to mark your services or add today's expense at your given time unlike in other expense app you have to open the app then hv to mark/choose the category and enter the amount. And many other features like, add your own expense categories, samrt calculator, month wish expense distribution, yearly expense pattern etc. Download it, try it, you will know the difference.