Mi Box

4K Ultra HD streaming and gaming box powered by Android TV

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I'm a fan of tv electronics that hide behind the tv, like the chromecast. They aren't as powerful, but I hardly do any gaming and I love how simple they are.
When is this going to be on sale?
@amitghasghase I think this already in market.
@irshadpc111 : Yeah, in China. Not in the international markets like India or US
@amitghasghase Well, it has a US$ price in the linked site so, if it's not available now, it probably will be very soon. Bear in mind, it's CES week too so announcements could be imminent.
@amitghasghase yes, I already bought from Ali Express. It is nice but lack of App in play store.
I got one for Christmas and I'm really excited to try it out. I'm still traveling and haven't plugged it in yet, but the design is great. Very smooth, understated, and a lot smaller than I expected from the pictures.
I got one a month ago to cut cable and love it. Have some problems with sound on kodi but other than that highly recommended for the price!
So this is an Apple TV competitor?