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HelpTap enables you to get everyday tasks done on-demand by connecting with reliable experts and freelancers in real-time. Simply send your query or task via chat and get instantly connected to the right person who can get the work done. HelpTap supports any kind of service be it personal, professional, daily chores, business oriented or any other. Sample tasks you can get assistance with: - Researching web for information or data - Creating spreadsheets & presentations - Maintaining to-do lists - Writing content or blogs - Data processing - Managing emails and social media accounts - Shopping, booking and ordering - Project or team admin - Website and logo designing - Translation and transcription - Technical advice - General freelancing activities & more.
@kwdinc Thanks Kevin for hunting HelpTap - really looking forward to hearing suggestions and feedback from the community. Would be happy to answer any questions :)
@abh1manyu @kwdinc Hey Abhimanyu, great to see HelpTap on Product Hunt's homepage. Exploring the product. In the meanwhile, all the very best :)
@abh1manyu Another major issue is that certain assistants might leave tasks in an "ongoing" status and only provide the work when you request results, so we are forced to check in with assistants every few minutes just to make sure they are still busy with the task
@cprins_ Good point Carl - will share the feedback
What I love most about HelpTap is it solves a real pain point! Interesting take on finding experts within seconds to assist on different tasks. I haven't even fully delved into the functionality yet but so far I'm very impressed! The presentation / experience of it is very easy to understand.
@steveestrd Thanks Steve - glad you liked the experience :)
This is really cool! but i think misses some points: - as user in need of help the idea of simple post what do i need i think it’s not enough, we should be able to see experts profiles, - have some kind of forum with different levels of permissions depending in your general contribution. - Having some kind of info about who is helping in what (detailed or not detailed), and what was the end result of the help provided. I’m looking forward to see the expert’s point of view, and be able to check the other accessible tools. Keep working!
@jrdbacosta Thanks for sharing your thoughts Joao - really useful suggestions/feedback. Good news is we're already working on addressing some of them in the next update!
Just wanted to say -- the UI is both simple and elegant. Love it.
@liora_ Thanks for checking it out Liora and glad you liked the UI :) We did spend a lot of time thinking through the finer details, hope the community likes it too!
This is awesome!!! I just tried it to photoshop 2 images and it was done in 10 minutes for $1.50 and would definitely use again!
@msg Thanks Michael! Glad you loved the experience :)