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Rubi KiznerMaker@rubimeucci · CEO,
Hi Everyone, i'm very excited to share with you what we've been developing for the last few years. I can start by "hinting" that Meucci is named after Antonio Meucci, the inventor of the telephone – and just like him, we believe that distance should have no meaning when reaching out to your loved ones, your friends, colleagues and whoever else comes to mind. We’re a team with big ideas, and we have found a way to use existing GSM networks to provide our users with the means to choose contacts to talk and chat with, regardless if they installed the app too. Single contacts or groups of people, text-based chats or group calls, Meucci has it all. And the best part? There are no extra charges for using Meucci. Sounds great, doesn’t it? To spice things up a bit, we have added options such as mid-call chatting and file view counter here’s Tony Soprano to tell you how to pronounce “Meucci.” :-)
Yonatan Ruback@itsruback
@rubimeucci Clever concept. Good luck!
Ayelet NoffHunter@ayeletnoff · CEO, Blonde 2.0
Meucci offers free high quality GSM and voip calling and free group GSM calling. No limitations on number of participants. Super cool and useful!
Motti Peer@mottipeer · CEO Blonde 2.0
Best app if you're a frequent traveler or on the go.
Rodolfo Rosini@rodolfor · Co-founder,
Haha awesome name! Because seriously fuck Graham Bell. Best of luck Rubi.
Rubi KiznerMaker@rubimeucci · CEO,
@rodolfor Thank you :-) although we should be thankful to Alexander Graham Bell as well :-)
Rodolfo Rosini@rodolfor · Co-founder,
Rubi KiznerMaker@rubimeucci · CEO,
@rodolfor perfect 👍🏻
Barend@grooveplex · I follow back 💪
Why is this free?
Rubi KiznerMaker@rubimeucci · CEO,
@grooveplex Meucci is focused on traction and providing the best user experience. Not monetization. Meucci will always stay free for users :-)