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Metronome is a powerful video creation tool for your iPhone.

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Nadal Alyafaie
Nadal AlyafaieHunter@nadal_alyafaie
Hello Product Hunt peeps! My name is Nadal, I am the creator of Metronome! Metronome is an easy way to record video skits with music, sound effects, and filters. After watching interviews with viners about their video recording and editing process, they claimed it would take upwards of six hours to make a simple six second vine! I wanted to make this process easier for amateur content creators! I wanted to make an app where people can easily record away their amazing creative ideas and add music, sound effects, and filters whenever and however they want! Use Metronome to make videos in comedy, drama, action, vlogs or whatever! Lets stop the lip sync and dance videos and make the internet great again!
Raphaël Chabaud
Raphaël Chabaud@raphael_chabaud
android ?
Nadal Alyafaie
Nadal AlyafaieHunter@nadal_alyafaie
@raphchabaud we’re working on it!! We want to grow the iOS application then move towards Android!
Ahmed Alamri
Ahmed Alamri@ahmed_alamri
I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! This is actually a great app. I was always sad to see vine leave the internet community, I have been waiting a long time for something new. Nowadays social media is just about, "Look at me" or "Look at what I have"....theres no more creativity. Metronome is about bringing back those vibes. I am sharing this with all my friends. #MakeTheInternetGreatAgain
iya jungers
iya jungers@iya_jungers
I’ve been looking for an app that does all the editing for me. I’m sick of complicated apps like iMovie that take forever to edit. This is by far the best way to create a quick, entertaining video with music and to share it with friends. Can’t wait until you guys add sound effects !