Method Wireframe Kit 2

Find your method of being incredibly fast in prototyping.

Our team specialises on UI/UX products and we know how important good prototyping is. Every project starts with the idea - and you need to describe it the better way. This is what our Method made for. More than 200 ready-to-use components in 15 popular categories.

Find your Method.

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Hey hunters! 👏 Today we’re presenting you our new wireframe kit for Figma. We believe that Figma is perfect for prototyping. You can connect to your teammates and work on the prototype together. We’re going to enlarge this project by adding new blocks, creating the roadmap and making it adaptive. Also, we provide you 30% discount promo code - ph30. Use it on the checkout popup.
Is this a Figma-only project? Would love to have access to this kit for AI or PSD!
@federicojorge Hi there! Yes, for now. But we’re going to create Sketch and Photoshop versions. Thanks for your interest!
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This is right up my street. I would love to see a Sketch version though as i don't use Figma. Is this currently on your road map? Good job
@john_shaw12 Thanks, John! We will try to make an ideal Figma version first and then we will make it for sketch and .psd
Website is down...
@aaron_white I am sorry for that! Not it seems to be ok! Check it out please!
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