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Learn from others in your market and find all the players. MetaList streamlines the process of research and curation. It automatically find relevant meta data as you go and tries to give you recommendations for related or alternative entries when you search. I ended up finding a lot of awesome startups that I've never heard of in my industry and learned a lot more about the market. Check out some of the curated topics on the homepage. This is a follow up project to and focuses on startups instead of Github repos. Hope you guys like it. If you have any suggestions / ideas I'd love to hear it.
David Carpe
Thinker & Layabout
@zhou_thomas nice work! are there plans to allow users to export or embed lists off-site? this could be quite useful for topic curators all over the place, may be interesting to allow others to enrich the summaries (perhaps using other api resources, e.g. add alexa ranking, or company details and so on)
@passingnotes definitely, the market research app is quite beta. I'm hoping to clean up the app a lot more and definitely focus improving curation and search.
Leo Bassam
Founder, CEO at
I just tried this, and it is amazing! But.... how do you obtain the data and is it accurate?
@loaibassam Thanks! yah the traffic data is based on Alexa ranking and its traffic share count and fit it statistically to the expected traffic. Alexa sometimes can be off the mark on an absolute basis but it's actually quite good to compare sites relative to each other so I think it worked well for this purpose.
Ben Tossell
No-coder ๐Ÿ‘‰
Oops I posted the same thing! My comment: The website states that this curation is from Machine Learning - a hot topic in itself. This lets you track industries, create alerts and check out research reports
@bentossell Thanks for fixing up some parts of this post for me. I think i originally had a terrible thumb on mine. Looks way better now.
Yuval Haimovits
Product Manager, Wix
Super cool, I'll definitely going to use it. I wish to have a similar product for product research with features comparison.
@yuvalhaimovits Thanks, yah definitely something I want to look into if I can find a clean and simple way to support feature detection and inputs. Would be great to simply compare pricing or some basic feature sets.
ronsheridanStartup Wannabe
Great execution Thomas! Within seconds I had a lot of highly relevant data sitting in front of me. Weird thing is, just a few moments ago I was just writing an email to a team member suggesting a meeting to more broadly research potential competitors etc.. wow you gonna make me look so smart :)
@ronsheridan thanks a lot. I'm still working in improving the search capabilities, I think it could get a lot better. Glad you found it useful!
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