Meta SaaS

SaaS management, price transparency, & utilization reporting

Meta SaaS is the leading unified SaaS management platform for procurement, IT, and finance professionals. Meta SaaS empowers users to right size contracts, manage renewals, identify shadow IT, and improve security by identifying suspicious users.

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Hey Product hunt. You know what's cool? When Mark Cuban answers your cold email and gives you a bundle of money to build a powerful SaaS management platform. You know what's cooler? Actually building it and getting all sorts of amazing customers. We are so excited to launch Meta SaaS out of beta today! SaaS is amazing but as SaaS has proliferated it's created all sorts of management problems. Whether it's the VP of Marketing burying a $150k SaaS vendor contract under their "general marketing" budget, whether it's former employees retaining access to sensitive data, or whether it's accidentally auto-renewing a multi-million dollar cloud contract (yes, it really happens). As big a fan of SaaS as we are, (hey, we are SaaS afterall) it needs to be managed somewhere centrally at a company. So today we're launching Meta SaaS, the premier SaaS management tool. We can tell you exactly what you should be spending on that big vendor, tell you who has access to what, and tell you whether you are even using all the stuff you are paying for! Employees get a simple and easy to use directory of all of the applications in use at a company, and because of that, SaaS vendors actually LOVE us! We help you land and expand as a B2B company. The world of cloud is changing. Cloud application vendors who have highly engaged users and who provide value need to be rewarded, and those who are just along for the ride on the corporate card need to be eliminated. Happy hunting and thank you!
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@arlogilbert need you to share that cold email to the PH community :)
@arlogilbert Are there any actual screens of your product on the website?
@matthew_wilde no. We are happy to provide a demo if your company is a match for the product and you are interested in evaluating the product for purchase. Just visit and complete the form there.
I'm a huge fan of Arlo and his team -- definitely check out Meta SaaS!
wicked smart
The promise of this is awesome. Great idea. My question though is how do you know what people are and are not using? Most products don't have apis you can plug into to watch their users behavior on a domain.
@evanish it's part of our secret sauce but it does work as promised.