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I love the Statistics section! Dataporn!
What's the next big milestone @rrhoover? 250K users, 20K products, 1.5MM upvotes (or something else)?
This is super cool. 😀 @thomasmeagher - A lot of this data are vanity metrics, to be honest. Although we do want to have more registered users, many people use Product Hunt for months without logging in. The majority of people are silent consumers and derive a lot of value from Product Hunt. What's more important is that we're helping people discover useful or interesting products that people want to use, buy, and share. A proxy for this is outbound (repeated) traffic. We now drive well over 3.5M visits to products every month. I'll do a fist pump when we reach 10M... soon.
@thomasmeagher @rrhoover How about integrating outbound traffic info in the API (would love to see the product url w/o redirect there, too, btw ;) )
@rrhoover 10M 😳 Wow, that's a ton of eyeballs for makers.
@sebastiansteins we're considering adding that! Other than deriving interesting stats, how would you use it?
@rrhoover The hunt's domain? I would use it to track how startups did over time... The domain is unique, so that I thought about checking or crunchbase for investment filings, jobs, press etc so that you can come up with s/th like "product featured on PH got this investment on average"... Just a bit like a first attempt with "Product Hunt and BetaList" on . Ok, that are statistics, again ;-)
I built this to play around with the PH api and to track the performance of startups featured on high traffic sites like PH or BetaList. Over the few days I spent building it I dug deeper and deeper into more feature ideas and expanded the original idea... I am happy to hear feedback!
Hi Sebastian, Nice one! I'm toying with collections api currently, I think you could add this as long term engagement measurement (for registered users): in how many collections a product has been added? While it does not measure if users will look at the product ever again, it certainly is more efficient to denote an engagement than a simple upvote (they are, at least, thinking about looking at it again). The relevant api entry point for this is that one:
@oelmekki Great idea! Thank you very much! I'll have a look into that soon.
Great job on this @sebastiansteins - Just blew some time geeking out over the stats. The Time Machine piece is cool too. Any plan to add a "Maker" or "Hunter" leaderboard along with the products?
@dylanfeltus Yes, there are plans. I'll keep you updated!