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Connect with all your customers on messaging, automatically

META is a smart contact assistant that connects your business with every customer on the mobile & social messaging apps they use everyday. Use META to respond automatically to customers reaching out over phone or your website - and message them back, wherever they are.

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Hello everyone! We launched META with the goal of helping businesses connect with their customers over messaging. With META, businesses can easily add mobile & social messaging to their current contact channels (like website or phone), engage visitors automatically, and reach back out to them directly on popular messaging platforms like FB Messenger, LINE, SMS, etc. We (the Chatgrid team) have been working on messaging automation products over the last year and one of the biggest questions we heard from businesses was “how can I get connected with my customers on messaging”? The META Smart Contact Assistant helps businesses save time while delivering a better customer experience - it responds to customers immediately over messaging and helps customers get connected to the right person at a business. Businesses can use their existing communication tools like e-mail or Slack to reach back out and message customers directly. We’d love to get your feedback and suggestions to improve META!
Congrats on the launch! I think this is a big problem for businesses who need to connect with their customers on multiple channels, so I'm glad you guys made this. Can you describe a little more about how the routing works on the backend? And do you provision numbers or accounts for your users? It would be really cool if you provisioned all kinds of social channels too, so users need only use META to manage everything.
@carylyne Thanks! We talked to a lot of businesses who want to let their customers reach out to them over messaging ... and even getting connected in the first place was a big problem. In some ways we're trying to solve the Messaging Discoverability Problem for businesses. META does a couple of things on the routing side - it works on a website (widget) or phone (IVR) to direct anyone reaching out to a business's messaging channels like FB Messenger or SMS. In addition to connecting the customer, it then engages the customer with automatic conversations ("are you looking for product info or support") which META uses to route to a person or group at the business. The cool thing about what's going on 'under the covers' is that no matter what messaging apps customers are on, all messages get sent to the business in a unified way. And yes, we can provision the channels themselves like generate an SMS number or pass-through Facebook Messenger channel. The whole thing is very meta. :)
@hermanyang Really cool, thanks. I also like the live chat feature, which is hidden within the email notification. Good stuff!
Nice work! Whats the ideal support and sales stack for companies with META? I can see this fitting well with us with Slack now. Wonder what other possibilities could there be.
@spenceryang Thanks Spencer! Our approach with META was to have it work with any communication tools a business already uses, like Slack or an e-mail inbox. In terms of specific sales/support stacks, we're big fans of Zendesk and Intercom (from past experiences) but really META can work with any CRM or API-based backend. We've worked with a few partners to integrate the service with other platforms like HubSpot, Shopify and even MailChimp. Interestingly enough, we ourselves plug META into Slack and Gmail since that's what the team uses internally. :)
Just tried the demo from the site - such a slick tool! Cool idea to try it for free, and the setup was super easy. I noticed (as the business user) all communication happened through email. Is there support for Slack?
@tmyknze Hey Tommy - thanks for trying out the service! Glad to see it was easy to setup, we designed the 'META Lite' onboarding experience to be as simple as possible. We have support for Slack as well as other platforms (mentioned in above thread), and that's actually what we use here. The e-mail setup is great for SMEs who want to get started without going through additional integration. For larger organizations, we have a host of other features including: multiple agents, group messaging (multiple customers & agents), outbound campaigns to customer segments, and completely configurable conversations.
Good idea in general, but 100$ per month??? And then restricted to 750 messages? I really get upset with this trend to make these services so expensive that small businesses can't afford it! Why do you start with such a high entry price?
@danielkro Hey Daniel - thanks for your feedback, especially around pricing. Did you get a chance to try the Lite/Free version of META? We'd be happy to work with you to find a plan that works.