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Ladies and gentlepersons, I'm excited to introduce you to my personal bot, built by @esthercrawford and @WhydoiNot! Among simple things like learning about my background, my bot can also tell you about recent articles, podcasts, and interviews I've done; can share Foursquare tips I've left around the world; can teach you cocktail recipes I've posted to BarNotes; can schedule 1:1 chat time with me; and can request that I hunt a product for you on Product Hunt! This next evolution of Esther's EstherBot is a huge leap forward in demonstrating the very early potential of personal bots!
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@chrismessina was only a matter of time until the botfather released his own bot! So what is this next version of personal bots all about then? What can we expect to see? You and I have had a few bot conversations in the past and one thing I truly think is inevitable is the way people can tap into your personal bot to access all your social plugins. So for example, if I liked your nuzzel recommendations I could just get that without having to keep an eye on all your tweets, or even have to talk to you (no offence ha) If I liked snaps @andrewett posts to Snapchat, I could see that in one place. Someone elses instagram posts etc (I dont think im explaining this very well) But essentially, I think it gets to the point where there are too many separate social networks that I have to check every day and all the time to make sure I dont miss something. If I know I like reading your article recommendations, or Andrews snaps (but not his articles), then personal bots and accessing them is a huge opportunity Like I said, not explaining it very well but its pretty good in my head...honest.
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@chrismessina loved the demo at Botness couple of weeks ago and seeing it live today is even more awesome. Working like a charm so far, great implementation :) How are you creating these bots at Olabot? Is everyone going to get a similar bot on messenger?
Hey PH! Essentially there are 3 problems I encountered with my last bot that I wanted to work on with this bot: #1 Invisible UI #2 Static content #3 Switching between live + automated responses I wrote about the behind-the-scenes story of how this bot came to be:
@bentossell @chrismessina @andrewett what you're describing sounds very familiar to Lifestreaming (an aggregate social network feed in reverse chronological order) which became popular ~2007. But perhaps you want a bot version that pulls from that dataset based on natural language queries?
Awesome personal bot, Chris! Clearly shows the potential and value of chatbots over webpages.
I briefly thought this was a bot for the best icecream in Australia
@zacdavies 🍨🍨🍨
This is such a fun and engaging personal bot! I feel like I just had a conversation with Chris and was able to learn more about him than if I had 5 minutes to chat with him. The "Hunt my product" offer is a nice touch :-)