Merch by Amazon

Create, sell, and promote custom branded t-shirts

Merch by Amazon is a new way to make some extra money out of your custom designs for T-shirts. Create your designs, send them to Merch and wait for an approval invitation. Once you get it, you can sell and promote your own designs without any upfront investment.

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Yesterday Amazon announced Flex and now their Teespring competitor. They're on a launching spree (see @jackdweck's Amazon Ecosystem collection). Interesting to see them focus on the gaming audience, which is something Teespring has marketed toward, particularly the YouTube Gaming/Twitch crowd.
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@rrhoover I would expect Amazon to start offering this to Twitch streamers as an integration, so that they could sell tshirts within their twitch channel.
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Joshua Dance
Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Amazon wants to own the world. :)
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AdpreneursFounder of Adpreneurs (Make Shit Happen)
@joshdance yah seriously! It's actually putting me off them. LIke their 3D printing bit, think they should return to focusing
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
🎯Strategist for Hire
Still very MVP with a bad landing page. Or maybe I got the "b" version. I bet this will get rolled through other industries if it works, though.
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Is this actually a Teespring competitor or a CafePress/Zazzle competitor? There's a pretty big difference. The site makes it seem more like the latter, but it's not super clear to me.
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James Young
Dir. of User Experience @SSCTechnologies
@catone Seems more like Cafepress competitor, I plan on digging into pricing. If they can offer lower overall end price of print on demand shirts that could be big advantage.
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Parker Agee
Software Engineer
I'm trying to create a product to try it out. Seems awfully slow for an Amazon product. Also, when trying to submit the tax info form, everything breaks. I'll stay optimistic though. This has huge potential.
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