Get a cat fact every time you open a new tab 😻

A Chrome Extension that gives you a fun cat fact each time you open a new tab! With this project, we've cultivated the largest cat facts database on the internet :) A great way to kill some time and show your friends how smart you are. Just imagine how much cat knowledge you're gong to gain... 😻😻

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I got the feline this might become a meowment 😸
@amrith I had to restrain myself from using all the puns haha SO MANY CAT PUNS
@seancrowe5 the spec-cat-ular puns 😼
@amrith I'll put my thinking cat on to come up with some more
Howdy Hunters! This is our first product launch!! πŸš€ So excited to ship this CAT-TASTIC chrome extension. The product is super simple, every time you open a new tab in Chrome, you get a cat fact! 😻😻 Give it a try, let us know what you think, ask us anything! Special thanks to: @kelsey_patterson for designing adorable cats WIP Community for keeping us motivated IG: @hosico_cat for promoting us to your fans IG: @mister_felix_cat for promoting us to your fans IG: @Alex.niemczura for helping us craft some social media content Cheers, -Sean & Thomas
This is very on brand for @ProductHunt 😻
Hope you like it @rrhoover @producthunt Let us know if you have any feedback/questions :)
O thank you! That's so sweet ^_^