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To help ProductHunters monitor, react to, collaborate on, and analyze the conversations most important to your brand, Mention is offering 35% OFF ALL OUR PLANS. Produchunters here's an insider tip : you can combine this with our yearly discounts !
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@guillaumecabane Good offer, interesting product. How would you handle mentions for a generic name like Human?
@pveugen @guillaumecabane Hey Paul, great question! You can start by adding any specific terms related to your search in the "and" field in advance alert settings or removing any from your search with the "none" field. From there, you can drill down and get more specific based on results. Does that answer your question? :)
@pveugen Hey Paul @shannonB was quicker than me to reply ! I would also add that we have an algorithm that learns from your classification of mentions being priority or irrelevant. In a short time you should have only mentions relevant to your business. I hope that helps !
Love this. Super useful and beautifully designed.
@nickrubin Thanks for the kind words, Nick! Glad you like it.
This looks awesome.
@dan_hopwood Let us know what you think when you give it a try, Dan!
Really cool, thank you!
@cheapstartup I'm glad you liked the promo. I hope it helps you "start your business with no money" :)
Without looking too closely into the product offering yet, I immediately think of Newsle (and to a certain extent, Google Alerts). Are those fair comparisons?
@malcolmcasey Hey Malcom, Newsle has been acquired by Linkedin, and to my knowledge is really network news focused. Google Alerts is a great comparison, and is very often a first step in getting knowledge on keywords important to your brand.