Entertain and test your children with 100+ educational Games

MentalUP is a scientific-educational app, developed by academicians, educators, and game designers. Children who regularly use MentalUP improve their cognitive skills such as attention, memory and problem-solving. It’s Child Safe and Ads-Free.
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Thanks @gorkemcetin for hunting us. Dear Hunters & Makers I’m Emre, co-founder of MentalUP that is an educational app, developed by academicians, educators, and game designers. 👨‍⚕️👨‍🏫👨‍🎨 🌍 Used by 5.5 Million Families. 🔒 Child Safe and Ads-Free. 🎓Scientifically Proven & Award-Winning App. 🧠 Improves Cognitive Skills Such as Attention, Memory and Problem-Solving. ⏳Personalized Daily Workouts, Just Take 20 Minutes Daily 👀 Doesn’t Require Expert Support or Teacher Assistance. 📊 Track Your Children's Development With Powerful Reporting Tools Now, visit to download MentalUP and try it for free 📱💻🖥 If you have any questions, feel free to comment. We will be here all day long! 👋
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@gorkemcetin @emre_ozgunduz Congrats on the launch, I'm downloading right away
@gorkemcetin @onmyway133 Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts after play it :) Best.
Hello makers! I would like to share with you this great, entertaining app for kids which is also used by my 7 yo-kid for several months. I have been so happy with the outcome hence decided to hunt it. I loved this app from the beginning and it is great to see it is taking off lately with 100+ educational games for kids. I suggest to give it a try in those hard times and hope it will help you discover your kids' potential :-)
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Love to hear from you! Appreciate any feedback :)
I'm so glad that we've found this app. It's super easy to use and my son got rid of her YouTube addiction.
Looks great, my son would love this, he gets so bored of worksheets. And very much needed in this time of home schooling.
Hey @jake_r Really nice to hear that your son loved it :) Please share with us your and your son's comments and advices to improve our product. Best.