Mental Models: this is an attempt to make powerful thinking tools available to anyone. 💜
Discover popular mental models, practice applying them, and use them to think through everyday problems.
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Hi product hunters! I’m Shireen Jaffer, CEO and Founder of Edvo, and one of the makers of Mental Models. After helping 50,000 people navigate their careers, my team and I noticed that so many people simply want help making better decisions. Mental Models help with this and don’t require us to rely on anyone except ourselves! But our research showed that the majority of people aren’t even aware that Mental Models exist. 🙁 So we want to raise awareness for these powerful tools, and do our part to help you learn a few of them. 😀 We built this resource using, a really awesome tool that turns google sheets into apps! We’re not taking credit for any “mental models” - they’ve existed for years! We’re simply making them easier to learn and become aware of. They’ve helped me tremendously in navigating life better, and I hope they do the same for you. Feel free to let us know what you think of the app. We’ll be active in the comments for any feedback, questions, or thoughts! **UPDATE** We are so grateful for all the love and feedback. If you'd like to stay updated on future iterations, you can click "Notify Me" in the About section of the app, or feel free to leave your email here:
Like the product and that you decided to bootstrap and validate the idea before going to the full development process.
@gogola thank you! we appreciate the vote of confidence
My eyes hurt..
@th3luck hi! The next iteration will absolutely be more user friendly. This is our 1st version to gauge appetite and feedback while raising awareness for mental models 🙂
Really interesting tool