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MEMRY is a new social media platform dedicated to photo albums. MEMRY makes it easy to create beautiful albums, sharing them with friends and family, telling the full story with photos & videos or keep them private (for your eyes only.) Why we built MEMRY: We built MEMRY because we felt there was no dedicated place to store your memories in a way that didn't feel forced or cluttered. We wanted a platform that focused on sharing your memories with people, not just the occasional snapshot but your full story in a way that was simple to use but still provided context. We wanted to build a platform where people feel secure that they are in charge of their content and a place where you can choose how social you want to be with your photos and know they will be safely stored. What feedback we are looking for: Up to this point our mission with Memry has been to simplify the product so that it is easy to use and understand. What we would like to know now is what features you feel a platform like MEMRY could benefit from in the future, that would make you use it. Some features that we are working on: – Direct Sharing (The possibility to share to specific people, not only all your followers and also sharing externally as SMS, Mail, FB message) – Web Interface for filtering and organising albums. – To be able to order a MEMRY Album as physical photo book delivered to your doorstep.
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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
I love the idea of grouping photos into albums, yet still keeping the Instagram style visuals/design. Lovely!
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Brenden Mulligan
Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
@bramk how do I add Cluster as a Similar Product here?
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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
@mulligan done :)