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A ledger for blockchain culture


mempool delivers a selection of thought-provoking reads, analysis and opinion to help you be smart, informed, and ahead of the curve on blockchain and crypto-currencies. You will find a concise roundup of the world’s most interesting reads on blockchain.

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Whether you are a blockchain enthusiast, an entrepreneur or a cryptocurrency trader, mempool is the place to be!

I've been a subscriber of the Turkish edition (kriptopara.io) since the day one, and it didn't fail me once. Personally, i consider it as a weekly list of opportunities :)

Congrats Fatih! Keep up the good work.


- Meticulous curation

- Easy to read

- To the point

- Consistent

- Always delivered on time


- Needs more visuals

Java for java

I read every week Fatih's newsletter and Fatih is a content machine. He is very exciting about content quality.


-Highly motivated

-Like a culture bomb


Can be more popular at Blockchain's early adopters

I'm subscriber of his Turkish publish email list (kriptopara.io) and also private/paid email list.

I'm look forward to the weekly newsletter and always learning something new about blockchain / crytocurrency world with every email.


- alwasy updated

- easy to read

- simple


for me nothing