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I'm a fan of this newsletter and good to hear that it will be in English too. You should follow Fatih and his thought about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I'm sure, he will open your mind!
I believe this is the first of its kind. Good job!
@hrantarzumanyan Thanks! I researched for a while and couldn't find a blockchain newsletter, written by some technology professional or someone who is in media. All I find was this: But this is not quite the newsletter that I publish. My understanding of a newsletter is something different. If you subscribed than you will see in Wednesday :)
@fatihguner Thank you for the feedback. Will wait.
Love it! With such a rapidly changing environment, stuff like this is so important for the blockchain community. My only critique is that the logo looks a lot like
@connorgutman Thank you for the logo remark, there is a resemblance in the color. Unfortunately, this is the first time I see :/ There is a resemblance with The Economist as one of my friends said.
@fatihguner I don't think it's close enough that you'd have to change it from a legal standpoint, just thought I'd mention for marketing aspects. Awesome work!
@connorgutman My best regards!
@connorgutman Are you kidding? The color's not that close, but the actual logo shape may as well be a carbon copy. You completely ripped off's logo.

Whether you are a blockchain enthusiast, an entrepreneur or a cryptocurrency trader, mempool is the place to be!

I've been a subscriber of the Turkish edition ( since the day one, and it didn't fail me once. Personally, i consider it as a weekly list of opportunities :)

Congrats Fatih! Keep up the good work.


- Meticulous curation

- Easy to read

- To the point

- Consistent

- Always delivered on time


- Needs more visuals

Kicked off as a newsletter, poised to be the defining medium of thoughts in its field. Congrats!