Memorize By Heart

Memorize any text through repeated exposure

#5 Product of the DayOctober 06, 2018


Have to memorize a speech, poem, lyrics or scripture? Have a Spanish test coming up? Memorize By Heart is a combination of several learning tools used by professionals that use memorization techniques for a faster and longer lasting memory.

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I definitely need help memorizing my pitches for competitions so I'll give this app a try
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@jasoncaston please let us know how it goes and if we can improve on anything!
What a cool concept 🤓
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Dope app. Overall happy.


Awesome features like speech to text evaluation that isn't on other apps yet.


Some similar features to other apps. Nothing negative.

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Nice! What prompted making this app?
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@nickchuckwalter Thanks for asking! I wanted to memorize a long text. After struggling a bit, I went looking for an app to help. The apps that existed didn't have all the features I wanted (no sliders for removing letters/words). After talking with my brother we decided that we could do it better than what was on the market. We're excited to finally see the fruits of our planning and work
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@nickchuckwalter I’ve memorized hundreds of things in my life. For my church seminary program growing up, we had to memorize 100 popular scripture verses. I remember it taking days; reading a line at a time, reciting it, and then repeat for the next lines. If I had this app many years ago, I would’ve saved so much time. Now when I’m speaking in public, I like to memorize exact phrases (especially if they’re really good points) and look audiences in the eye. I figured that I don’t like listening to someone who’s just reading a piece of paper. I’ll use the techniques that the app promotes to memorize the longer phrases.
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@craigwalker1123 haha sounds like we got a Mormon on our hands!! Now Latter-Day Saint ;) That's awesome. Also saw you guys got on lifehacker
Can it do spanish? I need to do a lot more memorizing in spanish than in english.
@jpwrana We just updated the app. You can use around 142 languages for copying/pasting and reciting the memorization