Memoir 2.0

Predictive photo sharing with iOS 8

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Hey I'm the cofounder of Memoir, we're really excited about the new predictive photo sharing functionality we're implementing on IOS8. You can read more about it here: Happy to answer questions if anyone has any.
@leemhoffman Sharing in the video looks really cool. How does it actually predict who to share with?
@rprakash_ There is a new API in IOS8 called "Visit Monitoring" and its part of the IOS8 Core Location Framework. What basically happens is once a user gives permission, IOS will send background updates to the app to let it know when you arrive and leave a location. Bc IOS does this - it does it in a SUPER battery efficient way. We use this to figure out which of your friends you are with and then make it really easy to to share (only if you choose to share!) with those friends.
I'm particularly fascinated by nostalgia and its use in marketing and product design. I wrote about how Google, Timehop, Heyday, Foursquare, and others use this in their products early this year. I've been following Memoir for a while but it never really hooked me. What's new in this release, @leemhoffman, and what have you learned since you first launched several months ago?
@rrhoover hey, one of the big things we discovered over the last year both in our data and qualitatively that while reliving memories is powerful, the real value of memories is being able to relive them with other people (just the right people). Its an inherently social experience. And we are 100% focussed on making that an amazing and frictionless experience. IOS8 just happened to come out at exact the right time for us to be able to do what we're already working on - just in a way better way.
Like Memoir, Love Time Hop. Why? My options to connect to photos sources, including desktop, and reminisce.