A note-taking app for technical teams.

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Mircea Pașoi
@mirceap · Co-founder Memo.AI
Mircea, CEO and co-founder of Memo here. Thanks for hunting us Derek and hello Product Hunters 👋 We're super excited to share Memo with you! Memo is a note-taking app for technical teams. With Memo it’s quick and easy to save and find code snippets, meeting notes, links, Slack messages, or other short work notes – right inside Slack or on the web. You … See more
Derek Shanahan
@dshan · GM @ SuperRewards
Two of the smartest founders I know are back at it with Memo, a note-taking app that's built right into Slack. Great post on building this + the challenges of building for Slack here: https://blog.memo.ai/10x-your-sl... These guys built on top of Twitter back when that was cool. Mircea & Cristian, what is it about building products that work well on lar… See more
Thomas Smyth
@tjcsmyth · Founder, Trim
Love this. Biggest problem of Slack vs email/Asana is that things quickly get lost. Memo does a really nice job organizing everything. Keep building and I am excited to see this grow!!
Titus Capilnean
@titus_capilnean · Growth Manager, DigitalGenius.com
Congrats on the launch, guys! I was an early user and saw the evolution from a companion bot to a fully functional info repository that's integrated with Slack. If you and your team work in and around Slack, then it's a great way to organize information and make it easily addressable. 💪🏻
Parakram Khandpur
@pkwire · Mobile Products @ Dropbox
Congrats on the launch Mircea and team!