Memo is a wiki for Slack teams that’s always up to date! Memo is great for quickly saving onboarding information, meeting notes, devops instructions, or links. Your information will always stay fresh, as Memo will smartly remind you of content that gets stale.

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Mircea, CEO and co-founder of Memo here. Thanks for hunting us Derek and hello Product Hunters 👋 We're super excited to share Memo with you! Memo is a note-taking app for technical teams. With Memo it’s quick and easy to save and find code snippets, meeting notes, links, Slack messages, or other short work notes – right inside Slack or on the web. You can write notes using both Markdown and Slack formatting, including @users, #channels and :emoji:. Organize them in boards, and even link different boards and notes between each other for quick access. All boards can either be kept private or shared with your Slack team. We're looking forward to hear your feedback or questions! P.S. We have full support for Slack's new message menus feature:
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@mirceap @users I can't find any description of how to use to share links. Are they treated as content in notes? That's it?
Hi @stoweboyd ! We actually display the title and description for links and Slack files like here: but it's turned off for the launch because we were still fixing some bugs. We're turning this on for everybody this week, but I can turn it on now for you if you'd like!
Two of the smartest founders I know are back at it with Memo, a note-taking app that's built right into Slack. Great post on building this + the challenges of building for Slack here: These guys built on top of Twitter back when that was cool. Mircea & Cristian, what is it about building products that work well on larger platforms that keeps you doing it? How do you navigate the risks of building on top of emerging platforms? And having first released Pogo, what made you pivot towards Memo?
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Thanks @dshan for the kind words! ❤️ The tl;dr behind our pivot from Pogo (a Slack bot) to Memo (a note-taking app integrated with Slack) is that bots and conversational interfaces are deeply limited, and that more often than not interactions are better done through GUI than language. We go deeper into that on our blog: Great question regarding building on top Slack! Besides the distribution potential, we think it's worth the risk for two reasons: 1. B2B software doesn't have the same network effects as B2C software, so it's unlikely that any player will have a monopoly on the market (like Facebook has for example). Basically, there will be multiple players in team communication (Microsoft Team, Hipchat, etc.) and in productivity in general (Google Apps, Dropbox, Github, etc.) and we plan to integrate with each of them (we started with Slack, since that's what we use day to day). 2. For now they have a very clear and consistent platform strategy (public roadmap, ideas, etc.) that is fundamentally aligned with their business model. More integrations are good for Slack since it makes their product stickier, but, since they don't make money off ads, they're not competing with developers for attention (unlike social media).
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@mirceap Very interesting concept here. Due to cost and ability to run 'on prem' (for security reasons), we're on HipChat. We are evaluating "Hangouts Chat" too. Would like to hear any details you can provide on roadmap/timing related to HipChat
Hi @bmehling , we haven't looked deeply at Hipchat, but we do plan to support it later down the road. In the short-term, we'll add support for G Suite and GitHub login, do you use either of them?
@mirceap We are invested in the G Suite ecosystem. It sounds like you're focused on integration w/ them as OAuth providers (great!). I'm really hoping that "Hangouts Chat"* provides 'good enough' functionality for us as there's a lot of advantages for us to stay w/in one "suite". Perhaps as Hangouts Chat becomes more widely released, you'll consider supporting that. Thx! *
@bmehling Yeah, Hangouts Chat looks very promising, I'm not sure if they have a developer API yet though. As soon as we get access to it, we're going to investigate and see how deep an integration we can build.
Congrats on the launch, guys! I was an early user and saw the evolution from a companion bot to a fully functional info repository that's integrated with Slack. If you and your team work in and around Slack, then it's a great way to organize information and make it easily addressable. 💪🏻
Thanks @titus_capilnea for being an early user and please keep the feedback coming! :)
Love this. Biggest problem of Slack vs email/Asana is that things quickly get lost. Memo does a really nice job organizing everything. Keep building and I am excited to see this grow!!
That's great to hear, thanks @tjcsmyth! Let us know if you have thoughts or questions.
@tjcsmyth Can you tell me a bit more about your experience losing things in Asana/Slack?
Congrats on the launch Mircea and team!
Thanks @pkwire, the team appreciates the support!