Memeois for Android is an extension to our iOS app with all features you’d ever want to enjoy your meme life. Browse a personalized feed with memes curated just for YOU, Discover memes by topics or words, Create memes within seconds to show off your creativity, Share to spice up your conversations. There's a lot more with Meme Books, followers...

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Hey PH 👋, Few months ago, I shared the launch of Memeois with you all 🔥. It has been a fun ride since then going from a mere side project to becoming a student entrepreneur in my attempt to make the world more open and connected through this new internet language of memes. Today with @joony0123, I'm proud to launch the android app 😍. The product (and our technology) and has since evolved and the app boasts: - 👩‍💻Personalized memes suggestion using AI - 🕵️‍♂️ Search that meme you vaguely remember by word or discover new memes by genre - 📈 Follow meme lovers and build your own book to share your dank creativity - 😍 Easy meme generator to make memes within seconds - 😄 Share memes directly from the app. Did someone say about a rule to have memes in every online conversation? We would love to know your feedback 😊 P.S Need more for your meme life? I know it's never enough.. Tell us what you need and it should be there on Memeois sooner or later.
btw, Memeois lets you show off your creativity by making memes in few seconds through the built in meme generator. This is "the app" you need to publish your creativity on blockchain 🚀
@anushk Of course, its the blockchain :)

Love that it’s coming to Android too


Lots of good memes



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Great job!! Would love integration with other social media platforms as well as Instant messaging Such as Whatsapp. Happy to support fellow student entrepreneur. 😊
@ayush_chandra that’s the plan. Making memes as ubiquitous as GIFs. In the meanwhile, you easily share memes from the app and share it through any social media :)