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Memeois offers all features that you’d ever want to fill your meme life. Browse a feed with new recommended memes every time you launch the app. Discover new memes by text, voice or categories and share them with the world. With Built-in meme generator, you can easily modify memes or create from templates within few seconds.

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Hi PH, I am a 17-year-old student with a passion to solve problems by learning new things. Today, social media is most filled with too much hatred or politics and with so much stress, a productivity booster is must to take a moment and have fun reflecting on our life. I often felt myself escaping to the world of relatable memes to relax and have fun after a stressful day of classes. Memeois is founded to harness this perfect funny ingredient, memes, and make it accessible for all. My mission is to build an intuitive yet comprehensive app that streamlines the process of making memes, sharing with friends, and browsing memes that are relevant to YOU. Top features are: - Browsing an endless Feed of memes curated for you through ML - Discover new memes by browsing through category - Share memes through all social media & maintain of Book of your favorites - Editing and modifying memes on the fly - Create new memes with built in meme-gen P.S I am the sole developer of Memeois and have built this app in just over a month. I know it has potential on the development and I look forward to your feedback and support. Since it's a completely free app without any ads, I don't have any special offers for the PH community except that you're the first one to know about it 😄
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@anushk meme innovation 💯
@nivo0o0 thanks for the feature!
@anushk good on you and great job 👍
@anushk @nivo0o0 About time! I need a new meme generator. My current app keeps giving me stupid alerts like "This app needs to be updated. Youre too old to make memes."
Never thought ML would be used in memes @anushk 😅 How do you execute that exactly?
@ambonium We are using Amazon Rekognition to index memes for a searchable repository. Also, your personalized Feed would be filled with memes you'd like as you browse and love memes.
"Giphy for memes" 💯
Nice. As an 18 year old I built this for android
@avi_parshan Nice, I love the idea of a simple app to create new memes. Memeois expands that idea to include all things meme
@anushk haha. No problem. I worked as a quick side project but quickly got thousands of downloads. Now I will work on a revised version. Do. You have to delay with copyright claims on the meme templates?
@avi_parshan the meme templates are dynamically generated through 3rd party APIs and so I am not responsible fore the copyright claims directly. I do remove those templates which are reported to be copyright infringement
@anushk very. Cool. Which API are you using. Can I make an android version of your app? Or at least some meme feed?
@avi_parshan among others. Let's talk. You can DM on Twitter @AnushkMittal
Lol. Clever.
@lazaruspain "memovation" 💯💯