Enter how many more years you intend to live and Memento Mori App shows a countdown in a display unit of your choice. Available display units range from years all the way down to seconds.
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I just made a simple app to remind us of the shortness of life and to encourage us to make the most of our time. It can be very easy to get caught up in the pettiness of life and to suffer from all kinds of worries and anxieties. When we pause to reflect on the fact that we won't be here forever, it becomes clear that we should pursue our dreams without fear and relentlessly go for whatever it is that we want in life :)
Android or PWA pleaaaaase!
@dantnad I've been thinking about this for a while, will see what I can do :)
@andreasgrossmann Maybe a PWA with a push notification system that everyday pushes the countdown to your phone or laptop :P this way if you make an update on the PWA it would serve both OS's + Web :P :D
Little bit of a grim reminder of the fact we are all going to die, the only inevitability in human life, this should jolt people into action for sure!