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Everyone is talking about the limits of organic reach of existing social media platforms for brands. Memeni has created a white-label solution giving brands the ability to build their own customizable peer-to-peer communities that they wholly own, and exists under their domain, rather than under other third party social media platforms.
Everything that can help my clients get out of their dependency on Facebook is welcomed
Hey Product Hunters!! Huge thanks to @ayeletnoff for hunting us! I’m Adam, Co-Founder of Memeni. We created Memeni to give businesses the ability to create a community where they can deliver much greater value to their audiences, beyond just promoting their products and services. Businesses that use Memeni receive a peer-to-peer online community in seconds that integrates with their existing website and social media. This becomes their new hub through which they communicate with the world and push information to social media channels. Today’s standard, where companies are investing in platforms that they don’t own, where they can’t even reach their audiences is not a long term solution. Brands need to start investing in themselves and building out this long-term asset. We’ve invested a great deal in features that boost member engagement and retention. An advanced matching system connects posts in the community with the most relevant members, maximizing relevance and minimizing unwanted notifications. Businesses have at their disposal tools to launch competitions, raise funds, create listings, post events, and much more. We’re also super excited to announce that we’re in the late stages of developing our mobile application so that each community will also have it’s own branded downloadable mobile app for iOS and Android. Our early customers have been enterprises, small businesses, universities, large facebook groups, and even cities. Checkout the City of Tel Aviv’s Startup Community here: We’ve also launched our own community where we can all discuss the latest marketing trends: Thanks for your support! Feel free to shoot us your questions and feedback.
This looks pretty cool for some communities. But unfortunately I think it may be a bit pricey for most. Although this may help weed out the better quality communities which are looking to invest in growing themselves and stand out.
Thanks @bentossell! Our basic plan is only $59/month, making it affordable for small businesses and even non-profits. Since the product was designed for brands, we developed features for monetization so that they can segment and target their audiences and actually earn money with the community. The brands truly own their communities and can take advantage of our tools to bring in advertising, sponsorship, and more.
Thanks @bentossell! Love to hear more comments from you and learn. Key feature is the content matching system, it’s the real differentiator here. Creating a targeted and personalized experience for each community member is the only way to retain membership, maximize engagement and monetize the brand's relationship efforts.
@bentossell I agree that most small business are not used to pay for their community platform. But It's just an illusion. Managing a successful FB page costs you much more over time.
Looks great. I love the point of owning your community in oppose to FB which you kind of 'rent' attention. Also there's no barrier for your audience to communicate with one another - that's lacking in other options. What is the long term goal? To add features for communities or expand to other areas?