Meme Trends

Like Google Trends for Memes

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Inspired by r/MemeEconomy, we made a google trends tool for memes utilizing data from our meme search engine.
This is interesting to see what happened to Trump after election.
@csaba_kissi Thanks! We released an early data set on Kaggle and they seemed to draw similar conclusions with earlier and more limited data:
I'm also down to just post a bunch of memes I've collected:
It is sometimes quite crazy how subreddits like r/MemeEconomy can have a great, hilarious impact. Love this idea, nicely done!
@kevinguebert thanks man! Yeah big fan of what they're doing, and realized that their continued use of GTrends wouldn'tcut it for high-volume meme trading ๐Ÿ˜„
These aren't really memes though
@jfourcher the dataset is all memes. this is a trend graph of terms from memes. you can search something obvious like "swear" and get a nice graph of the "please do not swear on my profile, thanks" meme over time