Send the gift of memes this holiday season πŸ’Œ is a website that lets you send a Meme as a Postcard to a friend/family member/enemy/cat/???

Try us out to send memes this holiday season!


PS: Sarah is currently finishing up college and is looking for a job, so email her at if you think she’d be a good fit for your company.

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Hey guys, πŸ‘‹ @sarah_gemperle and I made this over the last couple of weekends. Check out the website if you'd like to send a meme to someone for Christmas πŸŽ… or to prank one of your friends 😜. It's only a $1.50 for a meme. You just have to upload the meme, and enter a couple details and you're good to go!
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Start gifting people with memes everyone 😼πŸ€ͺ
Asking for a friend - do you have to provide the "from" name/address? This is unrelated to pranking πŸ˜›
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@zelena hi good question! It is necessary, but for that put whatever name you want (highly recommend not your real name to honor the prank) ;)
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Great job!! 😊 All the best to @sarah_gemperle for her Future endeavour after college. Regarding the app we definitely try it out
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Would have been great to have a picture of a postcard! πŸ˜‰
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