Memberstack lets you build members-only websites, dashboards, web apps, and intranets with your favorite web design tools. Works with Webflow, Carrd, PageCloud, Hubspot CMS, static HTML, and more coming very soon!
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Hey Product Hunters! 👋 We started Memberstack (our first SaaS product) just over 100-days ago with the goal of letting designers seamlessly integrate user accounts and recurring payments into their favorite website builders. Since then, it’s grown to 1,000+ professional web designers and developers worldwide, and we’ve made lots of improvements in response to their feedback. Memberstack is especially useful for: - Creators who want design control of their sites. - Makers who want to get their product to market quickly. - Marketers who want to create personalized user experiences. - Agencies and freelancers who need to invite clients to their projects. 🔥🔥We have an unlimited free trial - so don’t worry about paying until you’re ready to go live: We’ve been working hard for the last 10 months, and we’re genuinely interested in hearing what you think about it so far. If you have any ideas or suggestions, we’re all ears. ✌
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@duncan_hamra saw this today. one question. I saw Jekyll in Early Access. Is Hugo supported?
@sha2 Hey there! I haven't personally build a site with it yet, but it's possible that it works right now. Just select "Custom" when you create your first website and follow the steps. If you decide to give it a go, please let me know. I'd love to see it!
I found this because of all the no-code work I'm doing. is run with MemberStack and we have a bunch of tutorials using them for awesome things like membership sites with profiles and posting content
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Ok, imagine this.. You spend countless hours designing and building the perfect interface for your website/business with amazing no-code tools like @webflowapp to distribute cool content/products to your customers, students etc and now you simply need to add functionality to it to make it work.. and of course get paid for it. Well, that is where MemberStack comes in! You can create an account and set up your memberships as well as linking dynamic data you collect from your customers with your website components/elements within 5-10 minutes. No joke. A real functioning membership site. You can tell the makers have really put thought into this to make it really intuitive to use! You can accept payments via Stripe, build a membership site with hidden areas only your members can view, create user dashboards, import/export members, create hidden fields on forms and much more. A few reasons I ♥️ it.. - Easy implementation using custom html attributes - Fast feature updates - Build for free as long as you want in test mode (awesome!) - Super clean dashboard UI to manage all your members, memberships, custom fields etc. and I think my favorite is the amazing customer support/slack group! I can't recommend enough!
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@webflowapp @noahraskin_ Thank you Noah!! The community really is incredible, and reviews like this mean the world to us! Thank you again! Btw is your new site live yet? I need to share it!! haha
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@webflowapp @duncan_hamra Getting there lol! Sooner rather than later!
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I found MemberStack very recently through Makerpad (hi, Ben!) while looking for a no-code method to add membership-gated content to a site (I ♡ Carrd), which would in turn give me a (hopefully simple) way to manage subscription payments and custom user data for an app I’m building. The MemberStack/Carrd integration was still in development, so I signed up to be notified when it launched and then spent the next week or so tinkering with alternative platforms, validating ideas, and tweaking designs, automations, and integrations. The MemberStack/Carrd compatibility was released two days ago (on my birthday!) and it was so quick and easy to work with that I’ve already build an MVP with it. In about 12 hours yesterday, I decided on a business model, cobbled together the products of my various and sundry sub-projects, registered a domain, made a logo, plugged in Gmail and analytics, debugged and integrated some nascent Zapier workflows, wired up MemberStack and Carrd together, cycled through one or two major redesigns, and launched an MVP of an email-bot-powered counter-piracy app: Takedown Bot. Granted, I’ve done enough past hacking and pondering on this project that it’s not like I went from zero to MVP in 12 hours, but the fact that I was able to start with a one-page Carrd site, leverage MemberStack to add paid subscription memberships, gated content, and custom user data fields on the fly—with no programming—and launch on the same day is pretty remarkable. It speaks to the awesomeness of both MemberStack and Carrd. Also, Duncan & Tyler were friendly, quick, helpful, and thorough in answering my emails. Excited to see what’s next.
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@kevinlhough Hey Kevin! Wow, thank you! It's crazy to see what can happen in half a day's work with MemberStack and Awesome job! And happy birthday!!
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One of the biggest challenges I faced when moving to Webflow was the lack of membership/access control features. I spent about 2 months building my own app for (which I didn't want to do) then the MemberStack guys made contact. I dumped the app I was working on and wired in MemberStack into my site and workflow. It was super simple to use! The most under-appreciated feature of MemberStack is "MetaData" or otherwise a simple JSON Data Blob that you can use to manage any data you want, per user....and it has a JS API to boot: - keep track of user progress (think LMS) or - keep track of user activity (think in site offers) - send information to Zapier (1500+ integrations) - loads of other uses. Lastly, the gents @ MemberStack are top notch! Nice work @duncan_hamra and @belltyler
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@belltyler @jason_tinnin Thank you!! It's crazy to see what you've built with MemberStack so far. Tyler and I didn't know half of it was even possible! haha
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