Medicine for a better night's sleep

Mello is your doctor-recommended sleep routine that will get you to sleep and keep you asleep. Use Mello before bed for a better night and a better day
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I was excited to test this out thinking there was some revolutionary new product or chemical behind the product. Sorely disappointed to see that the core components are melatonin for the gummies, valerian for the tea and chamomille for the spray. I actually use these so I know the prices quite well: no more than $3 for the gummies(30 days), $3 for the valeria, and $4 for chamomille essential oil(assuming the best quality). The problem though is that we have no idea anywhere how much we are getting. We are told that this package is a 30 day subscription, but no more details. Are we getting 30 gummies or 60 or 90? How much oz in the tea? Are they loose tea or in bags? And how many oz in the chamomilles spray? If I am buying something I would want to know what I am expected to receive. So being inquisitive, I looked at the source images on the basic Shopify site and DID find out: 60 gummies, 20 bags and 14ml for the spray. So 20 bags for one month? I guess take only during weekdays? Checked out the FAQ for instructions: nothing: a blank page despite linking directly from the home page. Which brings us to the core issue: "The doctor-recommended three step plan...". If you are trying to convince using the logic of authority(which is the case here), maybe putting down WHICH doctor said so and based off of WHAT experiments is crucial. Just saying "doctor" is kind of a majestic leap of faith. And last, but not least, seeing the contact details as a personal gmail address does nothing to install confidence about the site. Disclaimer: I review stuff that I find interesting. So you got my attention. These comments are meant to be constructive criticism that other shoppers may have. So dont bash me for reviewing but rather take this as free feedback so that you may improve. In entrepreneurship, it is always improve incrementally until you make it. Good luck Alexander!


Nice color scheme for website. Exciting idea in an important field that needs better execution.


1. $22 for products that collectively cost at most $11 on amazon. 2. Doctor recommended? Which doctor? The witch doctor?

Hi Makers! Excited to give you an early look at Mello - medicine for better sleep. We're committed to getting better care to more people when it comes to sleep and mood disorders. We've started off with a non-prescription pack that includes Melatonin, Sleep Tea and Lavender Mist, all designed to improve sleep quality. Soon, we'll be rolling out a broader range of medicine products and and a data driven assistant that will guide you through the different options available. Use the code PRODUCTHUNT15 to receive $15 off your first delivery. Looking forward to hearing feedback and suggestions! Team Mello
@alexander_gould1 surprised that the products don't list ingredients anywhere in your site as far as i can see. e.g. how much sugar or whatnot are in the gummies, what does of melatonin etc.
I occasionally take melatonin to sleep and definitely prefer it over other solutions like Tylenol PM or Ambien.
@rrhoover I do too(5mg gummies). But $22 for a package that at best costs $11 at Amazon. I am not sure about the markup. Also the whole "doctor recommended" bit fell flat when there was no name attached or precise reference to validate the whole melatonin-valerian-chamomille proposition.
@rrhoover @john_vonroth I suggest researching online. 5mg or 10mg or however much many of these products use it shown to be much too much for your body. More is not better in this case. MIT studies have shown that the most effective dose is actually 0.3mg:
@_jacksmith Jack thanks for this. Going to do some digging. 🤖