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The bedding industry has been plagued with misleading product claims, futile features, and opaque price models.

Melange steps in to disrupt the status quo through its perfectly engineered sheets. Think about sheets that make you love your bed, that’s Melange. It’s luxury for everyone, invest in your sleep

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @jack_clairmont Looks like a lovely product. How come you don't have a website yet?
Jack Clairmont
Jack ClairmontMaker@jack_clairmont · Founder of Melange
@jacqvon Hello! Thank you for your inquiry. Our E-Commerce site is currently being developed. Therefore, we are taking advantage of Indiegogo's InDemand platform until our site is launched! Please let me know if you have any other questions - I would be happy to answer :)
Braxton Huff 🙌🏻@3raxton · Creator traveling the world 🙌🏻
This is interesting. Why should I purchase your product? How is it any different from the bedding I use now? @jack_clairmont
Jack Clairmont
Jack ClairmontMaker@jack_clairmont · Founder of Melange
@3raxton Hi, Braxton! Thanks for reaching out. If you look at current industry leaders; Brooklinen, Boll & Branch, Parachute, Casper, etc. They all offer subpar bedding that lack benefits with huge markups. We wanted to change that - Melange is completely different, from the manufacturing process to the features and benefits. I have listed some unique aspects below. Please note, the linked Indiegogo page has more information! - The socially responsible & sustainable manufacturing process uses 95% less water, 70% less Energy, and 95% less Effluent. - The innovative blend, 97% Long Staple Cotton and 3% Synthetic Fibre allows our sheets to be Bleach Friendly, Retinoid safe, Benzoyl Peroxide safe, and Antimicrobial (Fights against bacteria) - Extremely Soft and Durable - Suitable for Sensitive Skin - Oeko-Tex certified Please let me know if this answers your question. If you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to ask! Thank you, Jack
Jack Clairmont
Jack ClairmontMaker@jack_clairmont · Founder of Melange
Hello! I’m one of the Co-Founders of Melange. We’re super-excited to present Melange to the Product Hunt community. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to share! We are offering the Product Hunt community an exclusive price. Click the featured link and it will take you to a “Secret” perk! We will also include an additional pillowcase set with Upvoters orders - Just send us an email after placing your order, Thank you for this opportunity, Jack
Vasiliy S.
Vasiliy S.@veggy109 · SK Ltd
I love your concept guys!
Jack Clairmont
Jack ClairmontMaker@jack_clairmont · Founder of Melange
@veggy109 Hello! We appreciate the kind words :) Please not hesitate to ask any questions. Regards, Jack