The New

As @mbavio wrote in Very Goods (, I tend not to hunt Kickstarter projects, but this one is very close to my heart. Matt Rutledge is bringing back the original daily deal website,, as Meh. Woot was later acquired by Amazon. Matt already blew past the Kickstarter goal but if you're familiar w. original commentary, it's here - in all its glory - on this Kickstarter page. Hopefully we can grab @snapster himself for an AMA!
@daveambrose Today is resurrections day!
thanks @daveambrose! Woot continues on under Amazon, so Meh is more of a rewind and a fresh spin on the mid-2000's era minimalist mindset some of us had that seems abandoned now. Glad it sounds compelling! We hope to have a lot of fun and enjoy the company of some old friends!
@snapster I miss simplicity, Matt. All gone after social sharing. Glad you are bringing some of it back.
So you're saying that the $110Mil Amazon paid for Woot a few years ago, was $10K shy of the money you need to launch Meh? This is exactly what's wrong with Kickstarter.
@FelixReznik obviously @snapster doesn't need $10k to fund Meh. There's been debate about what Kickstarter is for. It started off as crowdfunding, a channel for people to raise money to pursue their project. Today it's about more than just money but a channel to validate demand and market a product. I have no problem with founders using it this way personally.