An 8-bit, Pokemon-like MMO in real-life (iOS)

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Patrick Perini
Patrick PeriniMaker@pcperini · coffee, curry, code, compassion
Who hasn't always wanted to _actually_ be a monster trainer? :D I'm not saying MegaBits is a dream come true, but... that's mostly what I'm saying. *Edit* Time to include some cool snippets about the game: - The game is based on the player's real location, the weather, and more. - Some monsters are only found in certain regions. Charpal? Only in deserts. - Combat is built around full-team strategy. - “Evolution,” or modification, is handled as a crafting system. Making a mobile-first monster training experience has been a really interesting challenge, and we've come up with some great solutions!
Taylor Hou
Taylor Hou@taylorhou1
Just downloaded and went through the onboarding process. It is very simple and intuitive. Already shared with my girlfriend and several other friends who are avid Pokemon enthusiasts. One thing of feedback - on the main map, I want to move it around like on Google Maps. Is that possible? Somewhat like an "Explore" - It's perfectly fine not to be able to actually do anything except view but it'd be fun to see more graphics. I've got a lake right infront of my house and on Megabits, it looks great, LOVE it!
Patrick Perini
Patrick PeriniMaker@pcperini · coffee, curry, code, compassion
@taylorhou Thanks, Taylor! Glad to have you on board! Your view sounds awesome; our water graphics have always been my person favorite. Regarding exploring, a la Google Maps, rumor has that in-game company ATLAS has spun up some new R&D to make this possible. We'll keep you posted :)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
"If you move in the game, you move in real life! We create your game world by combining real map and weather data with an 8-bit design. Capture and battle monsters anywhere you go – on your commute to work, a walk to the park, or an adventure to a new part of town. Battle your friends across the globe, or battle other MegaBits trainers near you!" Pokemon in real life. Awesome.
Patrick Perini
Patrick PeriniMaker@pcperini · coffee, curry, code, compassion
@rrhoover "Awesome." I like that word. MegaBits is Awesome 😉
mountainmatt@mountainmatt · CTO Konsiderate
*sigh* I can't wait until we get to a place where it doesn't matter what hardware you have in your pocket. I would love to play this game, it looks very neat, but alas, Android.
Brittany Martin
Brittany Martin@brittjmartin · Software Engineer, Pgh Cultural Trust
I was at Startup Weekend Pittsburgh when this was initially pitched and watched Patrick at Alphalab Demo Day. I am so impressed with what Patrick and his team have built over the last 2 years. The passion Patrick has put into the game is obvious with every monster battle. This is a system (iPhone) seller!
Patrick Perini
Patrick PeriniMaker@pcperini · coffee, curry, code, compassion
@brittjmartin Thanks! It's been an incredibly few years, and we're just getting started. We've got more awesome features in the pipe, new monsters, and so much more! 😊