Reduce time wasted by Meetings

Meetter is a web conferencing software with autonomous scheduler optimized for less distraction, smaller and focused video calls. Best suited for distributed/remote companies.

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we use it in our confcall for startup school


Very nice platform with a great design for our meetings. we used it every week.


Not specific .

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Hey Hunters! No, this not yet another meeting scheduling tool that drains remaining calendar hours. It is exactly the opposite! Like most of us, I’m very frustrated by the amount of time wasted by meetings. Why many of us struggle with meetings is well described in PG’s essay: There is also a great solution that worked for YC: office hours. Ok, but how can this help a regular maker in a regular company? Most makers struggle with the meetings scheduled by their colleagues, so let’s focus just on the company internal meetings. What if every maker will have her/his own office hours a few times a week at different times? Yeah, that probably won’t work. Makers & managers often need to meet in 2+ groups... OK, what if all makers in the company will have office hours at the same time? Would be nice, but that won’t scale as it will require too many conference rooms and switching rooms fast enough may not be possible if someone has six 10min meetings with different folks… Oh, wait, but what about video meetings? There is no room limit there and switching rooms takes seconds. Many of us work in distributed companies with a lot of meetings online already. Great, but there is still a problem with agreeing on times and booking so many small video calls within those office hours. Also, what to do if there is urgent discussion and everything is overbooked ahead of time with non-urgent routine stuff? OK, so that is how we came-up with and would love to hear what you think about the early version. Please check How Meetter Works section on the site, check demo video and get your Early Access account! Works best on desktop Chrome & Safari. You can join calls from iOS Safari & Android Chrome as well, but UX is not optimal yet. Greatly appreciate any feedback!
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We've been using meetr for our start up school meetings. It's been great so far, video conferencing is more stable than google hangouts and we also get the added value of meeting notes, and a todo list that makes sure that all the topics are covered.

Would definitely recomendo for internal use in a company.


It's a great platform to get your team meetings scheduled in a way that's convenient for everyone.


It's still in early development.

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It's an innovative platform that's helped me coordinate people across India, Pakistan, Texas and Seattle


- I can meet on only the the agenda items important to me

- Support

- Calendar and video meeting rooms in one (No need to use zoom)


No dial in support (video only)

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