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Cole Townsend
@twnsndco · Designer at Robin.
Hey gang! We're currently recoding this sucker from scratch. Taking in a lot of the feedback we received from early users as well as our own experiences learned from the last launch. We will be relaunching to a small test group to hammer out any bugs, then public!
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tom meagher
@tomfme · now is good.
@rrhoover @meeetco has launched in public beta and now has "as featured by Product Hunt" on the homepage.
Duane Wilson✌️
@helloduane · Design, Technologist, Helper of Startups
I found a collaborator for a side project on Meet and they are running a kickstarting. Chip in $25 (or more) and see if it can become awesome.... i did http://kck.st/1kYExFk
Nathan Bashaw
@nbashaw · Co-founder and CEO of Hardbound
I just backed it as well!
Connor Montgomery
@connor · Product engineer @pinterest. High-fiver.
I need this so badly.
Andrew Zusman
@uxandrew · UX Designer
I can't wait to use this! I had www.52designers.com but it finished in March and I have been side-project-less for a few months now :-(! I really believe in the power of side projects, and a lot of times it's the give-and-take that produces the coolest stuff!