Free-forever meditation. Made for people, not for profit

Meditation can positively transform people's lives. We believe no one should have to pay for it.
We've built Medito for people who have never meditated before or want to deepen their meditation practice. No ads, no spam, no need to sign up or pay.
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Hello everyone 😊 We are excited to launch Medito. Medito is a completely free, not-for-profit app with the aim of making meditation and mindfulness more accessible and understandable. Meditation & mindfulness can change people’s lives. 💚 Studies have shown that they can reduce anxiety & stress, enhance cognition, attention & memory, improve general well-being, and a lot more. Medito will always be free for everyone because we believe that these benefits should not be behind a paywall. The project started with a post on /r/meditation. After a lot of research, planning and hard work, we are happy to release this first version. 😊 We are all volunteers, doing this in our free time. This is our first project. Our goal is to expand into something similar to Wikipedia for mental health and well-being. What's next for Medito? 🚶‍♀️ Walking meditation pack 💡 Meditating with great thinkers pack 🕊 Compassion pack 💤 Sleep stories ⏱ Better meditation timer 🎼 Background sounds 🎙 More voices ✔️ Streak counter 📴 Offline mode 🕖 More session lengths We hope you will like the app. For more updates, you can follow us on twitter. Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions. Romain
@scouech Hey Romain! I downloaded the Medito - very nice design 👍 I was wondering if you guys are planning on using blockchain or other some sort of decentralized storage to store and secure user's health / meditation / personal data?
@jun_gong hey! Thank you :) Glad you like it! We actually don't collect any user health or personal data. We collect usage data via our own instance of matomo, but it's anonymised!
@scouech I am a meditation teacher and would like to contribute with free meditation audios. Don't know how to contact you.
@scouech Good to know! And that's awesome :)
@scouech @giovanni_dienstmann sorry but are you serious? They have a website—that's linked to the post—and it has all their contact info. If you can post a comment on PH, you can probably click a link too... I'll save you the time, here they are :) Email: hi at Chat on telegram: /meditofoundation Twitter: @meditoHQ Instagram: @meditoHQ Facebook: @meditoHQ
Finally a free one! And also on Android, I will give a try, well done
@scouech I just downloaded it, the design is amazing!!
@sandochee glad you like it :)
Love the designs and the vision. Well done @scouech
@scouech and i like the actual message. Meditation and yoga can transform our lives. Wish it were taught in schools. Even prisons teach it in some countries :) Im new to P Hunt. Can we message people directly? I have a message for you....
@vivek_venkat_ayer hey! Sure! you can email me at hi at :)
Massive congrats to the team! The world needs more non-profit projects! Good luck with everything @scouech @gareth_yorke @steven_yorke @michaelspeed 💚
@zorzini Thanks Catalin! :)
it's a big positive trend <3