A New Translation by Marcus Aurelius

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I found it really hard to read. Like reading the bible or something
@_jacksmith Really? Which translation did you read (I tend to find that's the problem for most people). It is at its simplest level, just a collection of thoughts and reminders from a smart person. Did we meet when I was at Vungle last month?
@ryanholiday I rented these translations from the library: as you say; it's essentially just a lot of random thoughts/ideas and in just reading the book I found it hard to come across good takeaways. Perhaps the best value is from someone curating the key takeaways, rather than trying to present them in their original form? I wasn't at the Vungle office when you came by; I left ~2 years ago to work on some other startups. However one of my friends at Vungle sent me the video of your talk, which I watched (thanks a lot for taking time out to do that!).
@_jacksmith I knew it! Those are the worst translations. Get the Hays one linked above. First off, the intro helps with the context. More importantly the writing is much clearer
@ryanholiday awesome. I will do! thanks a lot!
Without being centered, without an operating system for your life, you’re at risk of collapsing under the weight of your stress and success. I recommend Marcus Aurelius and the stoics (here’s my piece on stoicism for entrepreneurs:
I love this book, I wish more people read stuff like that instead of the self-help books that start with a number. The works from the other stoics like Seneca and Cicero are also worth reading and of course the buddhist writings, which are comparable in their philosophical framework.