Measure What Matters Starter Kit

A template for you and your team to get started with OKRs

This Coda doc is inspired by Measure What Matters, a book about OKRs. It's designed to help you and your team get started with OKRs. If you are new to OKRs or an expert, we recommend taking this process a step at a time.
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Al Chen
Solutions Architect at
I had the privilege of working with the What Matters team on creating this template to get you started with OKRs. I started using OKRs more than 10 years ago. They were ingrained into the culture at Google and what I love about OKRs is that there is no ambiguity whether or not you reached your objectives. At the time, I didn't know that OKRs came to Google by way of John Doerr. In John's book Measure What Matters (, John lays out case studies and best practices for creating, committing to, tracking, and communicating your OKRs. We're excited for new teams and organizations to adopt OKRs through this template!
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Ryan Panchadsaram
Former U.S. Deputy CTO @ White House
OKRs should meet you where you and your team are. We created this template in Coda to help you get started with OKRs at your organization. Al and I would love your feedback.
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Shishir Mehrotra
Co-Founder and CEO, Coda
@rypan This is really awesome - such a great Coda use case. I refer to the MWM book all the time and having an easy artifact for teams to start with OKRs is great!
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