Meal planning app with healthy meal plans

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Impressive app! I'd love to see Slow Carb / 4HB on the future ways of eating. I can work with low carb and a few modifications but would be cool. Thanks!
@kdykes Thanks Kevin! We'd love to include Slow Carb / 4HB as a diet preference in the future as well. We'd have to work out the details with @tferriss, if he's interested, but I'd personally be psyched to offer this option. I'm sure a lot of our members would agree!
πŸ‘I'll be a happy user anyway but it would be fantastic if @tferriss and some of the other slow carbers would support this. Keep me posted if you need anything.
@kdykes Will do Kevin. Thanks so much for your support!
Awesome to be on Product Hunt! Quick backstory: we made Mealime because we found that, with full-time work, school on the side, and trying to have a social life, our norm started to become takeout & frozen dinners every day. Weight gain and lower energy followed, along with a big dent in our wallets (takeout everyday isn't cheap!). We thought that cooking simple, healthy meals at home shouldn't be that difficult, so we built a way for busy people like us to whip up a home-cooked meal in 30 minutes or less. All recipes are designed, tested, and photographed in-house, and our meal planning algorithm works hard to combine recipes into a meal plan in a way that drastically reduces (or eliminates) ingredients going bad by the end of the week (i.e., food waste). This is v1.0 of our iPhone app, and we've got more customization features, meal plan types, and recipes coming very soon. Happy to answer any questions!
I've been a longtime subscriber to the Mealime mailing list and I'm excited for the app! Great work, Jeff!
@gankitlol Thanks so much Ankit! Really appreciate your support :)
Would love to see this where you could define your macros and portion sizes at a more granular level. I love the idea but the current meal plan types don't appeal to me.
@ausonio Great point. We actually have all macro / micro nutrient info available for all recipes in our backend and are working to fit this into the app for a future release. As for customizing meal plans based on macro / portion sizes, we absolutely plan on going down this route. Thanks for the suggestions!