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The same day @snoopdogg dropped his new album, BUSH. Nicely timed, @rickharrison.
Starting today, Meadow is now partnered with Sidecar to deliver medical-marijuana on-demand. We are extremely excited to have Sidecar as a partner. Deliveries will now be faster and our partners instantly have access to a much larger infrastructure. I'm happy to answer any questions! You can read more about it here: https://www.side.cr/sidecar-part...
@rickharrison Seems like a natural fit based on how your model differs from Eaze's. I'm in downtown San Jose, and I wish that the dispensaries you partnered with had SPARC's selection and delivery time. I was using Peninsula Greens through Meadow for a bit, because the selection was far more vast than Eaze's vendor, but the delivery time was insanely long. When patients are paying more than they would at a dispensary (e.g. I get a quarter for $80 at my B&M dispensary, but end up paying around $100 for the same quantity through delivery services.) If delivery times decrease through Meadow, I'd be happy to make it my only source of meds. Happy to discuss things further if you're interested. Can reach me on Twitter.
@stttories Delivery times are definitely one of the top things we are working on. In San Francisco, delivery times could be up to 60 minutes. Now with Sidecar, we will be able to cut that in half! The south bay is more complicated since it is so much larger, but we are working on ways to decrease delivery times there as well!
Loyal Customer Here! Love what you guys are working on. Everytime I have placed an order the experience has been great. Keep killing it!
I love Sidecar's new model of letting companies use them for delivery logistics...very smart. Good job with the partnership, Meadow!
Will the Sidecar drivers be required to have medical card to service deliveries?
@josiahtullis Yes, all of the Sidecar drivers are patients and members of the collectives they are delivering for.